How to Shape Your Life

Life is a road

How to shape your life? You can shape your body in months, but you can hardly shape your life in years. This is because your body is only a part of your life, while life includes everything in you. Life is not only what we make it, but it is what we “always” make it. You don’t just become what you think, what you feel, or even what you do today. You become what you keep on doing… cheerfully. Why cheerfully? Simply because you become who truly you are when your mind, heart, soul and spirit keep on working harmoniously as one. That is the harmony that gives you joy. That is also the power that shapes your life. That power begins in your mind, and must be completed through your spirit.

Shape your mind

To shape your life, you should start shaping your mind, and you can do it as early as now. In our minds, we can found our knowledge and principles. Now, try to assess them. Are you keeping the right knowledge and principles in your head? Are they aligned to the life that you want? If, for example, you want to shape a healthy and secured life, you should amass knowledge and principles that can form your life to that kind. Hence, you should educate yourself on self-discipline, health, fitness and wellness to have a healthy life. You should also store principles on integrity, honesty and prudence to have a secure life. Thus, you can always bear in mind that “health is wealth” and “honesty is the best policy.”

Shape your heart

Shaping your mind will only shape your head, but not your life or even your body. Thus, you should next shape your heart. This means you should shape your choices, will and intentions. So if you want to have a healthy and a tenable life, you should have a will to become one. You should choose it, intend it and prioritize it over other conflicting desires, such as greed in money and fame that usually consume all the time and energy you need to become healthy and safe. Moreover, you should put the principles “health is wealth” and “honesty is the best policy” in your heart and put away contradicting principles, such as “money is everything”.

Shape your soul

By uniting your thoughts and intentions, you will be able to shape your soul. Your soul is composed of intangible things that form part of your personality. It is separate and distinct from your body, which includes the physical properties within yourself. The soul includes your mind (thoughts) and your feelings (emotions). Hence, you can only shape your soul, if you will shape both your mind and heart. Moreover, they should be formed in perfect harmony. You will know it when your mind will be enlightened and you will feel it when your heart will be in joy.

Shape your actions

If you have already shaped your brain, heart and soul, now is the time to shape your hands – your actions. This means that your principles and intentions should lead to executions. What you know and feel right, do it! Put your principles and intentions into actions. To continue achieving a healthy and secure life, you should execute self-discipline and accomplish your fitness programs to become healthy. You should also execute honesty and integrity to have security in life.

Shape your spirit

To completely shape your life, you should also shape your spirit. Our spirits are the things within us that are distinct from our body and soul. Nevertheless, they are the primary builders of our life. The reason is that they become our masters, knowingly or unknowingly. Spirits can be good or bad. Good spirits includes the spirits of love, patience, humility and the like. Evil spirits include the spirits of greed, envy, pride, sloth and the like. Now pause for a while and answer these questions. Who are your spiritual masters? Whom are you serving for? If love, patience and humility are your masters and you keep on serving them, you become a humble and a patient lover. On the other hand, if your master is greed, envy, sloth and pride, you become greedy, envious, lazy and proud. You become like your master. You become what you keep on serving. Our spirits are the foundations of our lives. They are also the building blocks that shape our mind, heart, soul and actions. So if you want to shape your life, you should shape your thoughts, intentions, actions and series of actions (habits). Finally, in order that this shape will be built to last, it must be established with the great spirits, such as patience and love.

“If atoms are the building blocks of the Universe, spirits are the building blocks of our lives.”

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