Negative and Positive Leadership Traits

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There is a lot of responsibility implied in almost any leadership role you accept. Leadership is not always a good thing. Positive leadership in positive directions is a very good thing. Never ever let leadership take on a negative connotation. If you want to be a genuine leader, strive for good results for you and your followers. It is vital to stay away from all that is bad in leadership, while striving toward the good. But to make this happen you have to recognize each.

So before we start looking at what a good leader has, we must begin with a discussion of what a great leader does not have. People who usually over-dramatize routine events tend to be terrible leaders. Individuals with such leanings, perhaps with histrionic personality, must conquer their self-centered inclinations to be able to lead. After all, the common underlying emotional need being met is that of being under continuous attention, with each and every mannerism intended to get notice. Now, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with needing recognition and praise, but this kind of self-serving attitude just isn’t one that serves the prime goal of being a leader which is, naturally, to lead.

If you would like to see a person who has worse leadership skills, watch a bully who has been put in a leadership role. On the other hand, to call a bully a leader is definitely an oxymoron. Bullies operate using intimidation, not by leading individuals from one situation to a different one. Obviously, you may get your subordinates to go along with you, but this is simply not leadership by any stretch of the imagination.

You may be wondering how anyone could develop such negative leadership characteristics. Typically, they’re not really prepared or miscast for the leadership roles they have been given. Many individuals, upon being thrust into such situations, respond by holding more closely to their natural tendencies, rather than looking to improve themselves.

You have to spend some time to question what you can do to transform yourself into an even better leader. There are plenty of positive attributes you will see in most good leaders. A positive attitude that results from a clear vision of progress is one of these positive attributes you will find among the finest leaders. You’ll find that being self-centered is seldom good leadership.

Positive leaders are certainly not loners. They attack things from a team perspective. They seek group goals rather than individual goals. It is best to have a sympathetic ear for those under your command. You have to focus on learning how to communicate effectively. If you do not normally exhibit these traits now, you may come to wonder if you are going to fail as a leader. The great news is that any person can improve as a leader. So long as there is a true desire to improve, there is absolutely no reason why improvements cannot be made.

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