Personal Development Quotes to Inspire Your Life Now

I love quotations because they are short, sweet, timeless, and filled with principles and wisdom. I usually read great quotes from the greatest persons who ever lived in this world to gain lessons in life and inspirations. However, I don’t want to copy and paste them here – I love being original. The following are list of personal developments sayings of mine. I hope they’ll inspire your life now.

Who says I have no choice? I always have a choice. It is my power and my privilege, and I will use it no matter how it takes.

Prolonged thinking of your questions and problems will only torment your life; overcome it by thinking answers and solutions that give hopes to life.

The first step to have good attitudes and values is to get a dictionary and find the definitions of attitude and value. I bet many of you have already forgotten their meaning and cannot actually define the two terms.

To develop yourself, you should develop selflessness.

Rest is engaging when you are tired; sleep is sweet when you are sleepy. The simple formula to success is to work and have adequate rest.

How to change your habits? Change what you know, change what you choose, and then change what you value. You can change the fruits by changing the roots.

The seven secrets to real success are to find a direction, assure your destination, take actions, make reactions, generate accelerations, provide completion and have reproductions.

The greatest self-defense that we can learn and practice is a defense against our greatest opponents – our worst selves.

Eternal life is not life after death… it is life after life.

The secret to have good health is to have a harmonious relationship with your own body.

I hope the above quotes have inspired you. What do you think is the most captivating quote above that have touched you? Do you have your own personal development quotes? I will be glad if you will share them here and also inspire our readers.

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