The Secret in Avoiding Car and Motor Accidents

Motorcycles parking on the road

What’s the secret in avoiding car and motor accidents? There are many people dying and getting injured because of land vehicle accidents. It is even safer to travel on a high altitude airplane flight rather than to travel on land by car or by motorcycles. I write this article because many of my friends are getting injured because of motor accidents. The secret to avoid motor accidents is simply “total obedience”. Total obedience includes obeying God’s commandments, the laws of the land or government, and following the will of your own body.

Drivers must follow God’s commandments. Most of motor accidents happen because of people’s disobedience on the Lord’s one commandment – the avoidance of drunkenness.  Another God’s commandments that will prevent us from accidents are the observance of humility, kindness and prudence. By being humble, kind and careful any driver can make his travel smooth.

The laws of the land must also be followed to avoid injuries and fatalities. These include flowing traffic rules and other rules that are intended to protect drivers such as ordinances on seat-belts, helmets and other safety regulations.

Another preventative measure to avoid motor accidents is to obey the will of your body. Our body sends messages to our brain to warn us from possible dangers. That’s why if you feel headache because of drunkenness or eye strain because of sleepiness, it’s better to refrain from traveling – as this is the will of your body. You should obey what your body wants.

If you trust the Lord, you should obey His commandments – stop being drunk and control your temper. If you respect the Government, follow the rules – fasten your seat-belt or wear your helmet. If you love your own body, listen to it. This is total obedience, the secret in avoiding car and motor accidents.

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