The Secret to Make Someone Happy

What’s the secret to make someone happy? How to make him or her truly happy not only for a moment but for life? You are probably reading this short article because you want to make someone happy. This could only mean that you love that person. That’s great and that means unselfishness. I am pretty sure that you are a cheerful person because you are already trying to share that joy of yours to someone you think needs it. But your joy couldn’t be complete unless, you make the other person glad. To give joy to someone is a joyful experience. Hence, the secret to make someone happy is to make him someone who can also make another person happy.

Happiness is like a flare in a candle. If you are happy, you can pass that happiness to a person just like a flare passing to another candle. When you transfer that fire to another person, that person is now like a candle with flare, which becomes capable of passing another flare to another candle. And this process goes on and on – transferring happiness like a flare to a person and to another person. Now, what makes a person truly happy? Isn’t it love? Yes it is love, and loving is better than to be loved. This means you can be happier when you experience loving someone than being loved by someone.

To make somebody happier, you don’t just love him, but you must teach him how to love. What you should transfer to him like a flare in the candle, is not only the love you have for him, but importantly you should transfer to him the ability to love that you have. Aren’t you become happier when you are loving, rather than just receiving love but not loving at all? Therefore, give him what you have experienced – the happiness you had when you first love him and wanted to make him happy. Let him taste that experience by showing him pure, unselfish and unblemished love.

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