The Secret to a Successful Blog and Blogging

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What’s the secret to have a successful blog and become an outstanding blogger? We know that hard work, passion, creativity, uniqueness, integrity, authority, quality, and strategy make a blog successful. We also know that freebies, solutions, prizes, fun, friends and relationships attract lots of users and visitors to your blog. Many successful bloggers around the blogosphere will also tell you that a profitable blog can be achieved by investing money, spending time on research and experiments, expanding your network, and optimizing online (and offline)  promotion, as well as marketing campaigns. They will even teach you guerilla marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization and other viral marketing tactics. So what’s the secret to blogging success? The magic phrase is “total interest”. I’m not only referring to the passion you should have for your blog, nor only the enthusiasm that your users could have. I am referring to the summation of those interests.

Even if you have readers who found your blog interesting, if you will lose interest in your own blog – your blog will not prosper continually. Also, if you have a great interest or passion in your blogging, but your readers don’t find your blog interesting – your blog will not succeed. These are also the two main reason of blogging failure: blog without interested users and blog without interested blogger. Therefore, to have a successful blog, you need to make an interesting blog for your readers and especially for yourself. Then, it follows the total fun, usefulness, solutions and value for all.

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  1. One of the reasons most blogs fail or lose an audience is that they fail to to post consistently. Having a bunch drafts helps you when you run out of ideas and keeps you organized.

  2. the valuable information you presented do help the investigation for my group, thanks.

    - Josh


  1. The Secret To a Successful Blog and Blogging - [...] What’s the secret to have a successful blog and become an outstanding blogger? We know that hard work, passion, ...

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