The Secret to Achieve Financial Freedom

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What’s the secret to achieve financial freedom? There are many definitions of financial freedom. Some says a person is financially free if he can buy the things he wants without incurring losses and debts. But basically, a person can be financially free if his regular personal expenses are less than his residual income. Residual income is what a person has left in his net income after paying off his debts. This means that a person with little or no debts has more financial freedom that one with more debts. It also means that the bigger our residual income is, the bigger our savings would be.

So what’s the secret to become financially free? The secret is to become a slave. Yes! It is to become a slave of diligence, righteousness, humility and self-control. People usually want freedom. They usually want to escape from the things they don’t want. It’s what in their minds – to get out from something. But what they don’t realize is that, in this world, to get out from a particular place and to get our feet off from its ground, we should enter into a new place and step into a new ground. If we want to be free financially, free from debts and free from poverty – we should be slaves of hard work and discipline. We should make sacrifices, be humble and submit to them. We need to make a choice. We cannot serve two masters at the same time. We cannot achieve financial freedom while fulfilling our squander.

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