The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

Running track with obstacles

What’s the secret to achieve your goals? We all have constant goals in life. They are like the bloods that are constantly flowing in our veins. As long as we breathe, we continue to aim for something. The children want candies and the adults desire for money. No matter what our goals are, we hope to accomplish them. The secret to attain our goals or objectives lies on how we put value on them. The goals that are more important to us have bigger chance to achieve than the goals that are less important to us. This is because our actions are directed towards how much value we put on the things we are aiming for.

In every goal we have, we must reckon how much value we are placing on each of them. Have you just recently failed in your goal? Is that goal really very important to you? How much importance did you give for that goal? Did you make it the most important objective in your life? Or did you let your other more important goals overcome it? When I was aiming to reduce my weight and get rid of my excess body fats, I have accomplished it. My secret in achieving that target is having a great purpose. The goal is very important to me because it involves not only my body but also my entire soul. I did it not only to have a beautiful body, not only to have a good health and not only to get stronger. I accomplished it to follow the commandments of God: to avoid the sins of gluttony, drunkenness and lack of self-control. I did it to give glory to God and save my soul.

Now, there are still many goals that we must achieve in our lives. Whether these objectives are related to business, health, romance, spirituality, education, career or just to have a one good night’s sleep – we should put great importance on them. If your goal is so important not only for your eyes, hands and mind but also valuable for your heart and soul – you will be amazed of the results. Try it.

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