The Secret to Anger Management

Raging truck in motion

What’s the secret to manage your anger? The secret to manage your anger, hatred, temper, tantrum or wrath, is to let it pass without sinning or hurting people including yourself. Anger exists to tempt people to do wrongful deeds. It’s a sudden emotional or mental reaction that can trigger a person to do irregular things such as injuring other people verbally or physically. If you can resist the urge of anger to do crazy and unlikable things, then you can manage anger without having any blame to yourself. Anger can be avoided in the first place. But due to uncontrollable circumstances and behaviors of other people around you, anger happens unexpectedly. To let anger leave you alone without causing any damage, you need to practice gentleness and self-control.

We also need to observe unselfishness and kindness towards other people. A person, who doesn’t care about other people, usually cannot control temper or anger. Gentleness, kindness, patience and self-control should be practiced constantly. It should be like a constant preparation for an upcoming war or storm. War, because you need to battle anger so that it may not overcome you and control you to do bad things. Storm, because you should be firm and strong so that it may fly away without leaving any damage to you.  Always remember that anger is not part of you. It is an outside element that attempts to devastate you. It usually leaves you once you can resist it and once it become unsuccessful in overcoming you. So don’t be a puppet of fury. Managing anger is avoiding it to manage you.

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