The Secret to Attracting More Customers

Customer entering a shop in a mall

How to attract more customers and clients to your business? I tell you a secret to do that. This is so basic but you will not usually read it in any marketing or sales books. The secret to attract more customers to your business is becoming a good customer yourself. We know it – we are all customers and consumers. Although we are the sellers or providers, we buy and pay for the goods or services we offer to our customers. If you are a trader, you buy and sell. If you are a manufacturer, you purchase materials, labor and overhead. If you are a Service Company, you compensate your people –and even pay yourself. As we see, we are all consumers.

Now, to attract more customers, you need to be a good customer. Here is how you will make yourself a nice customer if you are the seller. If you are engaged in manufacturing goods, you should buy high quality materials, hire the best laborers, and use efficient and effective machines. If you are a merchandiser, you should purchase the best goods to sell. Then if you are a service provider, you should look for the best people to render those services that your clients need. You should also acquire the best training that will enhance the skills of your team so that they can provide high quality services.  If you will do these things, you will surely attract more clients and customers. So if you sell goods and offer services, don’t attempt to be a bad customer and acquire poor materials, labor and overhead – you will surely drive your customers away.

In addition, you should also utilize a good marketer. Don’t make marketing a do-it-yourself system if you don’t have the guts. Invest and be a good customer to a marketing team. If you don’t have a big budget for promotion, you can utilize someone who is an expert in online or Internet marketing, search engine optimization and social media optimization. You can be his good client. However, if you have the time, and you really want to become a marketer – you should acquire the best marketing knowledge. You can be a customer of a bookstore (offline or online) which sells the best marketing books. Finally, you may also become a client to institutions which provide the best marketing and entrepreneurship training and seminars.

The secret to attracting customers, clients or consumers is to become one of them – one who is a great buyer and consumer.

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