The Secret to Avoiding Shame

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What’s the secret to avoiding shame? How to avoid embarrassment? The secret is that we will surely face shame no matter what we do – regardless of whether we do right or wrong. What makes the difference is the kind of shame that we will be facing. Is that shame short-term or long-term? Is it a real shame or just a false shame? And if that shame is untrue, do we need to be worried about it or not? People should understand that the world is divided between right and wrong, between good and evil, and between truth and lies. What is shame to the other side is glory for the other, and what is honor to the other is humiliation for the other side. Therefore, avoiding shame is a matter of choice. It’s either you choose the shame experienced by a fool or choose the humiliation experienced by the righteous.

This is how we put ourselves into great honor: prevent real shame and avoid temporary glory. If we will carefully study everything in this matter, it’s the foolish that suffers permanent shame, while it’s the good person that enjoys long-term honor. Therefore, we should make a choice – do we want temporary humiliation which is normally suffered by righteous persons? Or we want what is suffered by fools, which is quick fading victory and glory that eventually turn into disgrace? The secret to avoiding real shame is choosing truth and righteousness while rejecting lies and foolishness. They all pay off. It’s up to you whom you want to serve – the devil who compensate deceitfully or the good one who compensate graciously?

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