The Secret to Becoming a Good Manager

Managing people

What’s the secret of a good manager? What is the secret to effective management? The heart of people is the wellspring of life, so as the heart of management is the wellspring of a good management. There are five known basic functions of management, namely: planning, organizing, staffing, directing (leading) and controlling. Some modern management textbooks also include motivation as one of the functions of management. Those functions are all vital to effectively and efficiently manage a certain organization. But many managers fail because they forget to focus on the heart of management – that is directing or leading.

Most people thought that management is technical and systematic. However, it is also more principled and relational. As the heart of management is leadership, one who wants to become a champion of management should be first become a champion of leadership. Any strategic plan without concern to people will not strengthen an organization. Organizing systems inside the organization, without organizing the human lives, will not lead to an efficient organization. Assigning tasks and functions, without the willingness of the concerned persons, will not help the organization run smoothly. Furthermore, controlling and monitoring progress will not give positive results, without motivated people.

To become a good manager, one should be able to create good human relationships inside and outside the organization; make strategic plans for the best benefit of the whole organization; unite and harmonize tasks and human capabilities; and shows constant care and love that makes a lively organization. A great manager has great principles, which lead to great values that harmonize the attitudes, tools, and systems inside an organization for the achievement of its goals. The secret to becoming an excellent manager is simply to focus at the center (leading people) and start at the roots (principles).

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