The Secret to Becoming a Good Writer

How to become a good writer? What is the secret that most aspiring writers don’t know in becoming an effective writer? Writing is a form of communication that uses the language in a textual form. Leaders, managers, marketers, teachers, bloggers and anyone else, use writing as a tool to achieve their particular goals. I, myself, as a blogger, write this short article now to bring a solution to my readers. There are many common things we should know to come up with a nice article. These include language proficiency, good grammar and style. However any writer can write a grammar error-free and florid article yet useless and senseless to its readers.

News articles should provide light and truth; poetry should fulfill the hearts of people; marketing articles should provide solutions; and coaching articles should change lives.  A writer is to writing, and writing is to readers. Therefore, an author should focus on its users – what will help them and what will become a solution to their problems. The secret to becoming a good writer lies on how he or she will satisfy the needs of his readers. Readers seek pieces of writing to obtain answers and solutions to their questions and problems. Hence, there should always be an answer, comfort, and solution within your letters. To get that solution, an author should do his best to know and understand the questions and problems of his readers. In short, a good writer should become a problem solver.

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