The Secret to Becoming a Great Speaker

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What is the secret to becoming a great speaker? How to become a great public or private speaker? The secret is simple – you should always bring clear good news. When speaking in public or even in a private conversation, you should tell the good news that will make your listeners uplifted, enlighten, comforted and honored. To uplift your listeners you should become humble and must avoid bluffing. To enlighten them, you need to tell the truth and avoid lying. To comfort them, you need to give them the answers and solutions to their problems… and refrain from adding another predicament. To honor your hearers, you should show respect.

Bringing good news doesn’t mean only speaking good words. It also means presenting facts, whether bad or good, and or whether problems or reliefs. What is important is that at the conclusion of your speech, you can be able to present concrete answers and solutions to those realistic issues. Good promises can also become good news to people. However, a recurring promise can become a discomfort to anyone who has already heard of it. Therefore, to become a great speaker, you should also become a man of action. The secret in becoming a great speaker is to bring good news. To bring good news, is to make yourself as the main good news – that is being a man of integrity, strategy, clarity, honesty and action.

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