The Secret to Becoming a Real Dad

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What’s the secret to becoming a real dad? The secret to that is becoming a real man. What is a real man? A real man is a complete human. A complete human has good ears, mouth, eyes, mind, heart, spirit, and hands. Not really physical or literal, but this only means a read dad should have ears that listen to his child. He listens to the needs and desires of his children not only by ears, but also by initiative. A real father should also have mouth to respond to what he have listened. He uses any medium to communicate and reach his children. He also keeps his mouth and words away from corruption. Instead, he uses his tongue to tell his son about the things that will guide and lead him to good life. A real father should also have attentive eyes to watch his child move and walk safely.

A great dad has a mind which is thoughtful, positive and trusting to his child. He must also have a loving and caring heart that nurtures the life of his son or daughter. He should also have a strong spirit that is faithful and never weakens to protect and light his child. A real dad should have hands that do what his mouth is saying, what his heart is feeling, what his mind is planning, and what his spirit is leading. His hands are gentle enough to comfort his son, yet strong enough to hold him. He even has legs to run fast or feet to jump high whenever emergencies arise.

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