The Secret to Better Work-Life Balance

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What is the secret to work-life balance? The secret to a balanced work and personal life is the effective usage of your one powerful asset – your free will. Many people suffer imbalance work (career, business and entrepreneurship) and personal life (family, love life and health) because they don’t exercise their power and privilege to make a choice. Many employees, who experience overwork, cannot get a new job that will give them a balance life because they think they don’t have a choice but to stay in that job. They think they cannot get away because they cannot afford to lose that job, which is giving them money to sustain their everyday life. They cannot fathom that though it’s hard to make that decision, they still have a choice.

We always face situations that we need to say “no” to things that will cause disproportion in our work and personal time. Unfortunately, many of us cannot refuse to those things because of the great pressure we seemingly cannot overcome. The secret to a balance life is to overcome these pressures by always bearing in mind that we have a choice. No matter how hard it is to make a choice – we have a choice. There is no such thing as “I don’t have a choice”. Hence, next time, if you will be in a situation which requires the use of your freewill, use that freewill. Choose the decisions that will balance your life – no matter how hard it is to make a choice.

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