The Secret to Building Your Muscles

Man showing his muscle

What’s the secret to building your muscles? Men want to become macho, and girls want to look sexy. Furthermore, building muscles and burning excess fats lead to a healthy body and lifestyle. This is why we do not only desire to form our muscles and get rid of fats – we are also required. The secret to building our muscular system is simply to get stronger. This is the basic thought and principle that should be putted in our minds, if we are wishing to build our muscles. We should not only desire a beautiful body – but more importantly a stronger body. The stronger the body we will have, the greater muscles we also gain.

Our body, as a self defense, naturally builds muscles in response to our strenuous activities. It naturally constructs itself to adjust to our increasing level of required strengths. However, it can also reach to a plateau level, where your particular muscle in the body has already reached its peak. This is why it is better to work out our overall body and muscles instead of just building up a certain part of your muscles (e.g., the abs, triceps or biceps). Of course you will want to have a stronger body, than to only have a stronger arm.

It is also very important to know that our muscles grow not on the times that we are on the gym lifting those heavy barbells. We build muscles while we are resting and having good night sleeps.  That’s why we should always give our exhausted and stressed body from workouts enough time to rest, recover and rebuild its muscle tissues (most researchers suggest 24-48 hours to rebuild).

Muscles are not only built through workouts, it also needs the building blocks we get from the food we eat. Natural, high in protein, carb-loaded and low saturated fat such as eggs, nuts, whole grain oatmeal and  low-fat yogurt are some foods we can include in our diet. Finally, always remember that strong muscles and the body of your dreams are not built overnight.

Here is a link to a good resource about learning the truths, lies and solutions about your six pack quest (for men and women).

Disclaimer: This article is for informational use only and do not constitute professional advice. We recommend to seek advice with your doctor or nutritionist to determine the proper workout suitable for your particular condition and body.

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