The Secret to Finding Your Perfect Match

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What’s the secret to finding your perfect match? How to find your perfect husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, business partner, or any activity partner? The secret to finding your perfect partner is not only about using or following your heart – it’s more about fixing your heart. I am reading a lot of love and relationship advices from different people which are saying “follow your heart”. No my dear, take a break first! What we should do is fix our hearts first. Let us assure first that our hearts are in righteousness and not in foolishness and wickedness. Because, if we will follow a wicked heart, how disastrous it would be?

Finding your perfect match is perfecting yourself first. Of course, how can you find a perfect wife or perfect husband if you aren’t perfect? A perfect match means a union of two perfect individuals or two perfect hearts. A foolish heart and a kind heart cannot be in a perfect match, do you agree? How much more a two foolish hearts together in partnership? Wouldn’t it be a terrible team up, deceiving and hating each other? Perfection doesn’t absolutely mean perfect in everything you say or do, small or great. It can means righteousness and uprightness. So don’t be worried and be intimidated by the word perfection. However, you can desire to have a perfect heart to find a perfect match.

The secret to finding your perfect match is to put first one thing that would perfect your own heart. This thing is called “love”. That love should be true and wise, and free from selfishness, foolishness, hatred, envy, impatience and deceit. After you have fixed your heart, you can look for other person who has that kind of heart too. You can use that perfect heart to match other hearts in order to find your perfect partner. Since your heart now is certainly upright, you can now follow your heart.

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