The Secret to a Happy and Successful Marriage

What’s the secret to a happy and a successful marriage? Many people know that love, responsibility, respect, trust, communication, godliness, honesty, commitment are keys to a blissful marriage. But most of them just don’t know and understand the way they should be applied. That’s why many couples break down and turn their relationships into sad stories. Love, which is the heart and foundation of a marriage, is not a secret. It is a common knowledge to all. The secret to a successful marriage is to learn how to love yourself. We know that marriage is about love and loving someone, but we sometimes forget that it is also about loving one’s self. Remember that marriage is a unification of two fleshes into one body. This means a couple should already act as one. This also means if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love your partner – you cannot love your marriage.

If a person doesn’t know how to love himself, how much more can he or she love the other? If a husband cannot take care of his own body and go on drunkenness, gluttony, smoking – how much more can he take care of his wife and children? If a wife lies and cheats herself, how much more can she become honest to her husband? If one can’t take care of himself, how much more can he take care of his partner? Can a woman who hates herself, loves his husband? Can a man who is sad on his own, make her wife truly happy? To truly love one’s self is not to become selfish. If you are selfish you are not loving yourself because you are putting yourself in a big trouble, knowing that selfishness is an unfruitful character. Loving one’s self is making yourself a good, happy, and a successful person whom is ready to bring goodness, happiness and success to other people – to a wife, or husband, and or children. The secret to a happy and successful marriage is to persevere in making yourself cheerful and booming so that you can have joy and success to share to your partner, and avoid blaming for the sadness and failures of each other.

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  1. Thank you. What a pleasant and true post. It is so hard to be close to someone and to give love to a person that doesn’t love themselves. It is one of the most painful experiences. I hope that more people find their own true love so they can really enjoy sharing love with someone else.

    • Thanks Jeb for reading this post. You are right, love is hard. It is suffering, but behind it is a power. Love is like what Spiderman says, power comes with a great responsibility.


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