The Secret to Have a Stable Job

A tree in a palm

What’s the secret to have a stable job? The secret is to become like trees, not like grasses. This means you should grow gradually like a tree and not sprout hastily like a grass. Trees grow slowly but surely. They grow with a strong foundation – a foundation that cannot be easily removed. On the other hand, grasses grow quickly. However, they also die swiftly. If you want to have a stable job that can fully sustain your life, you need to grow like those trees. We should raise our market value by acquiring education which can give us strong professional foundation.

The people who are enjoying a stable job, which can give them financial stability, are the ones who have attained education for years. They are the people who continue obtaining higher education – higher as the trees. A tall tree doesn’t stop growing even after it outgrown a house beside it. Hence, a person, who wishes to have a stable job, should continue to educate himself even after college or even during employment. If you are still in the college now, be diligent to graduate with good grades. This is because, there are still many higher educations and certifications waiting for you. There are still the Master’s and Doctoral degrees, additional certifications, and other post graduate courses to be achieved for.

You should also become consistent with the type of job or profession you want to have in the future. This is because time is essential for growing. If you will always shift to other lines, you will just waste your time. Therefore, you should start to choose now. Choose whether you want to become like a tree or like a grass. Finally, if you have chosen to become like a tree, you should also choose what kind of tree (profession) you want to be – then be consistent with that.

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