The Secret to Having the Best Self-defense

Shadow of a man

What is the secret to having the best self-defense? The secret to that is knowing your worst opponent. But who is our greatest opponent? Our worst contender is none other than ourselves. He or she is the part of yourself that can bring you to the greatest harm and danger in your life and in your existence. Even the best mixed martial arts cannot defend you from him. Even the world’s most powerful guns and armors cannot protect you from that person. Your best self-defense is your greater self. It is yourself that can defeat your worst self. It’s your patient self that can resist your ill-tempered self. It is your loving self that can overcome your hateful self. It is your gentle and peaceful self that can resist your vengeful self. It is your controlled self that can prevent your reckless self. And it is your righteous self that can overpower your wicked self.

Martial arts are good to make us warriors and defenders of ourselves from physical violence. However, we also need to defend ourselves from emotional, mental and spiritual abuse. This is why we also need to train our minds, hearts and spirits through meditations and reflections. We need to acquire, not only physical strength and agility, but also spiritual enlightenment.  We need enlightenment to overcome our dark selves. We should realize how to defend ourselves even without boxing, kicking, holding, grappling, wresting and even without shooting with gun. We should understand that it is not the gun that is our self-defense, but it is the scabbard of the gun that keeps our hands and fingers from pulling the trigger. Again, our best self-defense is our greater selves that can beat our worst selves.

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