The Secret to Having True Faith

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What’s the secret to having true faith? Faith may save a relationship, a person’s health or even a human soul. That is why true faith is considerably very essential to everyone. We usually hear it everywhere and read it anywhere, together with the thing called love. Alas, faith is one of the misconstrued things in this realm. Many people think that faith is believing on something they don’t see. Furthermore, they also think that faith is believing on something they don’t know. While the first maybe correct, the latter is incorrect. Faith is not just a feeling, it is a thought justified by what you feel. In other words, faith is a known feeling.

Faith in relationship
Faith can nurture a relationship (marriage, family or friendship). But it must be a real faith to become a key to every relationship’s success. If you want to have a happy and lasting marriage with your wife or husband, you need to be faithful. But how can anyone become faithful? To have true faith, one should not just merely believe in his or her partner. One should not just say “I believe that I love my wife” or “I believe that my wife loves me”. These beliefs should be justified. They should be known. They should be tested. But how can we test our faith? When we heard of the word “test”, the first thing that comes in our minds is a series of questions and answers. Yes, we should find answers that will answer the questions about our faith. Are you saying that you believe you love your wife or your wife loves you? Isn’t it healthier to your relationship with her if you can justify what are you telling? Isn’t it more inspiring if you know what you are saying? And isn’t it more encouraging if you will say “I know I love my wife and I know my wife loves me”.

Faith for eternal salvation
Faith is popularly known to save one’s soul. However, not all faith can give a person an eternal life. Faith should be alive. Also, that living faith should be working through love. Having faith in God is not just obtained by saying “I believe in God”. It is acquired by knowing God. How can one believe in an invisible Person whom he has not heard of? How can someone assured that what he has heard is true if he don’t listen to the one who is sent by God. And how can someone know that the one who told him is sent by God if he doesn’t know God? That’s why faith must be true faith and not a false faith. We should not just say “I believe in God” but also say “I know God”. This knowledge requires love that will move us to work patiently in seeking that divine knowledge about God. Having true faith in God is having the knowledge and wisdom that will be able to give us the ability to answer all the questions that will be thrown to our faith. If we will say “I have faith in God, I believe in God” – we must also be able to answer if who is that God? This is because not all people who will knock on your door will introduce a true God that will give you eternal life. Of course we don’t want to believe in a fake God.

God’s faithfulness
It is not only humans who can have faith, God is also faithful. His faithfulness to us is true, pure and powerful. If we are to have true faith, it is God’s faith that we should follow and make as our inspiration. So what kind of faith God has for us? Since the beginning of time and space, God’s faithfulness to us is not just mere talk. He is always working greatly for His faithfulness. He is not just a Creator that after He had created us, He left us and just lay down to rely on His faith to us. God is a great worker, and He does His works through His love. Through the history, He has always provided us prophets, preachers and even a Savior to wash all our sins. Despite of the numerous sins we have committed to Him, He always provides us blessings, grace, forgiveness, mercy and love we need to have a good life and be prepared for the Day of Judgment. He is also attending to our trials and always make our lesson plans to teach and strengthen us. Until this moment of time, He is constantly working for our salvation, providing us all His divine interventions to pull as closer to Him. Unfortunately, we don’t realize God’s great works for us. We don’t help Him, who works for us.

The secret to having true faith is having the right answer to the question of your faith. Being faithful is being a believer on something you don’t see through your naked eyes. However, it doesn’t mean being faithful is being a believer on something you don’t know. How can we believe on someone we don’t know? How can one believe on someone he doesn’t understand? And how can we believe on someone we don’t obey? Loving is knowing. True faith requires works, patience and love to know, understand and follow the one whom we believe. Anyone who says I believe in him should be able to answer who is him. True faith cannot deny –because it is known and verified. Finally, it gives light instead of doubts – because it is not blind.

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