The Secret to Making People Respect You

two bright street lights

How to gain respect from others? What’s the secret to make people respect you? If you feel like you are not getting any respect from your friends, classmates, co-employees, employers, family members, parents, husband or wife, or even a respect from yourself, then this short piece of writing is for you.

In the morning, you feel the warm of the sunshine above the sky.
In the evening, the moon illuminates beyond the dark clouds.
The stars are twinkling up above our Earth.
When you walk at the streets, you see the street lights above your head.
When you go inside your house, the light bulb on the ceiling lights your home.

What can you observe?
God placed the Sun, moon and stars above our world.
People put the street lights and light bulbs above our head.
Those bright things and objects are placed where people see them high.

We can’t put the sun under the ground.
We can’t place the lamp on our floor to better light the whole house.
We always position them on high places.
This is because of the light they give to us.
And we want them to shine brighter on us.

Now, to gain respect from other people,
We need to become like the light.
The light is bright and never dark.
We should be honest and never lie.
The light is clear and never blurred.
We should have integrity and word of honor.

The light shines and illuminates our way.
We should give the right guidance and direction.
The light leads us to the right path.
We should become good leaders.

We cannot stare light directly.
We should be powerful.
The light mingles with another light.
We should be harmonious and not quarrelsome.

The light shines to all kinds of people.
We should not practice favoritism.
The light makes our life convenient.
We should be always helpful and useful.

This is the crystal clear secret to make other people respect you. Become a light, which God and humans usually put in higher places. If we become like a light – people cannot put us under the ground.

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