The Secret to Motivating Your Team

Team of soldiers in their tank

What is the secret to motivate your team? The secret lies in the team itself. To stimulate a group, it needs to have T.E.A.M. (time, energy, attitude and mass). Everyone in the group (the leader and each member) should utilize timing. Time can be use to make a future plan out from their lessons in the past and consideration of the present. It can also be consumed in communicating each other and knowing more each other. Time is vital in motivating a team because it is the space that avoids the team in many unfavorable pressures.  If there is a good game plan, any team can run smoothly and become encouraging, unlike a hasty team that runs in troubles.

A team also needs energy or enthusiasm. It can be obtained through giving of benefits, awards and recognition to the deserving members of the team. If the team has passion, the leader must preserve and protect it so that it may not dwindle. He must avoid anything that can quench that momentum from them, such as unfair treatment and mismanagement. Thirdly, the team, and everyone that consist in it, must have the right attitudes and values that are essential to support the group’s plan and optimize their energy or momentum. The team leader must serve as the model of all good qualities of a good leader, who is also a member. He should be a model of responsibility, accountability, humility, self-discipline, diligence and other virtues that should be possessed by each person in the team.

Lastly, a team should have a mass. To be massive, it should be united and must accumulate all the strengths and skills of everyone in the team.  Even with time, energy and attitude, team members cannot be fully motivated if they lack the techniques and skills in accomplishing the group’s goal. They must be well trained to enhance their talents and must acquire technical knowhow, which they can be confident of in attaining the team’s objectives. These, and all that, should be gathered to form a motivated team.

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