The Secret to Peace of Mind

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What’s the secret to peace of mind? The secret to peace of mind is the full knowledge of God. The reason is that it gives confidence to salvation and eternal existence. It cures the common worries of humanity such as death, famine, disease, poverty and shame. Today’s science is still far away from full truth. Therefore, putting your hope in science is insufficient to give you peace of mind. The pure knowledge of God is not achieved through study of theology (the study of God). If we study the study of God (theology), instead of studying God directly, we cannot be efficient in maturing our mind to the knowledge of God.

The full knowledge of God, teach us spiritual and heavenly things which do not perish through the passage of time. It also gives us wisdom and understanding that are sufficient to make us upright. It avoids us from the blames, punishments and charges that cause our mind to be chaotic. Moreover, spirituality keeps us away from the greed of money, lust, alcoholism, envy, vengeance, hatred, which are all can invade and destroy peace in our minds. Finally, the full knowledge of God makes us able to practice love truly, which gives joy, gentleness, contentment and peace, not only to our mind, but also to our heart and soul.

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