The Secret to Quit Cigarette Smoking

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What is the secret to quit smoking? What’s the secret to stop cigarette addiction? Nicotine found in cigarettes acts on human brains, resulting this to an addiction. Smoking is considered a physical addiction. But what many people don’t know is that it is also an emotional and spiritual addiction. It doesn’t only affects the brain, but also affects the emotions and spirituality of a person. Thus, to quit smoking, nicotine addiction should be eliminated not only in the brain but also in the spirit of a person. But how can we do that? A person can do that by getting rid of all his works, attitudes, beliefs and principles which make him smoke that bad cigarette.

By eliminating works like, drinking, gambling, wild partying, and by avoiding places like night clubs and casinos (which induce anyone to smoke), a person can reduce smoking habit. By doing physical exercises, spiritual activities, Bible reading, tree planting, gardening, charity and by visiting the gym, your local church, charitable institutions (which teaches anyone have a cleaner life), a person can have a great chance to quit smoking. Those actions can be done by a person if he will eliminate all the attitudes that lead to smoking (i.e., laziness, lack of self-control, irritability, pride and arrogance); and develop all the virtues that keep him away from smoking (i.e., self-discipline, diligence, joyfulness, love, peace and responsibility).

Changing one man’s actions, choices and behaviors is easier said than done. But what many people don’t realize is that a single principle or belief of a person can lead him to many behaviors and actions. Smoking is only one of those harmful behaviors of a certain person. Therefore, to eradicate the root of smoking, a person should take his time and best effort to determine that principle in his life that causes his smoking behavior. Bad principle in life leads to bad habits. Good principle leads to good habits. While, having no principle is a certain bad habit. Remember, that a person whose principle is “honesty is the best policy” is not a liar. Likewise, people whose principle in life is “health is wealth” are not smokers.

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