The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

Kid riding a motorcycle

What’s the secret to raising smart kids? Are you a parent who wants to make your children grow smart? Then you should consider the following things I will tell. Kids may memorize lots of things or words, but they may still not grow smart. A child’s brain is fresh and can invite more inputs of knowledge, but this capability may only be active when he or she is still young. There is a certain point in time or age that these inputs may be forgotten. Time will also come when the brain’s memory reaches its full capacity. This is why some persons who seem to be intelligent when they are still kids become dull when they grow older.

Memorized knowledge doesn’t make a child smart. What makes a child smart is “understood knowledge”. That is why teaching your child new things without making him understand those things can be a futile attempt to make him smart. To make your children understanding, you should also be a person of understanding. This is because how can someone teach something whom he lacks?

Knowledge is what we know, and understanding is what we practice. Thus, if you want to make your child smart in mathematics, you should expose him in a world where mathematics is practiced. If you want to make him smart in science, you should involve him in scientific research. If you want to make him smart in language, you should put him in acting rather than just mere talking. If you want to make your child smart in life, you should give him some level of independence where he can practice good decision making. The human memory may become limited, but with understanding, children can store knowledge beyond their brains. They can store it in their hearts through understanding and in their hands through practice. So rather than teaching them the definition of what love is, teach them to love and teach them to work that love.

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