The Secret to Staying Young

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What’s the secret to staying young? How to slow the process of aging? The secret to staying young lies on your body’s natural power to nurture, cleanse and regenerate. The first thing we can do is to educate ourselves with the knowledge and wisdom on how to preserve those three natural abilities of our body. Nurturing makes our body (bones and flesh) grow stronger and more flexible. Cleansing is getting rid of toxics that enter our body. Regeneration is repairing damaged parts (organs, tissues and cells) in our body. If we know that our body can nurture, cleanse, and regenerate itself, we can have a strong belief and faith that it can indeed do such things. This verified faith and belief, are what we need to stay young and have a longer life.

If we can have a longer life, our younger life extends. To have a longer life, we need to supply all our body’s essentials to effectively and efficiently do its job to nurture, cleanse and regenerate. It needs a natural rich in vitamin and mineral diet, a regular exercise, and a smooth way of life. It also needs to be kept away from artificial low-nutrient diet, sloth, and stressful lifestyle. This approach should be rooted to a person’s principles and attitudes towards discipline and self-control. It should also be rooted deeper to a person’s understanding of his own body. This is because, the more we understand, the more we follow. We begin to educate ourselves when we start to fear aging. We then gain understanding when we practice that education. Finally, we feel younger when we set our minds to continue that practice in the future.

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