The Secret to Stop Bad Addictions

What’s the secret to stop or end bad addictions? How to get rid of common addictions such as of alcohol in beers and wines, nicotine in cigarette smoking, and caffeine in coffee and soda? Addiction can be destructive to anyone, especially when it involves abusive use and practice of things that are contrary to a healthy, productive and moral life. Any person can also become dependence not only of substance such as nicotine and caffeine. He or she can also become an addict of activities such as gambling, gaming, and even sex. Being so much dependent on something is critical because it causes someone to become a slave of that craze. Alas, many human beings in this planet don’t realize that.

The secret to stopping addiction or too much dependence on something lies on getting out from such slavery. When you hit of addiction (let us say alcohol addiction), alcohol becomes your master – and you become its servant or slave. To stop such slavery, you need to overcome your master, which is alcohol. But how can you do that? The solution is truth. Yes it’s true; truth can really set you free. You need to have knowledge, understanding and insight of the truth. If you got stuck in alcohol, you need to know everything about what alcohol can do to your life. I said everything. This means knowing not only what it brings to your health. Of course, everyone knows that alcohol addiction can cause sickness. But not everyone knows that it can slowly make a person poor, it can make your boss fire you, it can cause family relationship to break, it causes lots of accidents, and most critically it can drag you to hell. If a person know and understand all these things, he will never serve alcohol.

The secret to stop alcohol addiction and other kind of bad addictions is to seek for the whole truth. You need to study, read books, make a thorough research, listen to other people through seminars and discussions, and other actions you can do to achieve the whole knowledge and wisdom that will bring you freedom to escape from addiction. Try it. Be knowledgeable and understanding so that you can be yourself again.

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