The Secret to Success and Fulfillment in Life

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What’s the secret to success in life? How to fulfill your life? The secret is the cooperation that must exist between you and God. To succeed and fulfill your life, you need “work”. But what most people don’t realize is that God is also working for you and in you. We are God’s fellow workers. Many people only rely on their selves to succeed in life, forgetting God’s existence. While, other people are relying all works fully to God, ignoring that they must also work to help and cooperate with the Almighty One. The secret to success and fulfillment is to know God’s will and plan for you and then collaborate with it. The truth is that He is a working God. He knows what’s the best for you, and He works for its fulfillment.

We know that God is kind, loving, just and righteous. Therefore, we should always pattern all our works and goals to those virtues. This is how we will assure that our works are according to His will. You can also ask your conscience. If your conscience is bothering you, that means you are not doing things righteously. We cannot succeed doing evil and wicked works because God doesn’t work on them. That’s why we should use our freewill to choose what is right and avoid what is wrong. Finally, when we choose what is right and what is with God, we should also choose to work for it – working together with God. God is your secret partner to success, while you are His obvious partner to your own success.

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