The Secret to Understand Someone or Something

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What’s the secret to understand someone or something? Before you understand something, you must know it first. Knowing makes you remember. It pulls you out from ignorance. It also provides you the information that will give you the ability to discern what is right and what is wrong. To know someone, you need to listen and hear to his words. However, knowing or remembering doesn’t provide understanding. To understand something, you need to practice it. To understand someone, you need to be involved in what he does.

Understanding fulfills knowledge.  Knowledge, without understanding, is like a candle without a flame. We often ask for understanding. You may want to understand someone: your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, friends, or anyone else. You may also want to understand something: marketing, accounting, Bible, politics, love, faith, a sentence, a story or anything else. Now, if you want to understand men, try to be a man. If you need to understand mothers, try to be a mom. Also, if you want to understand accounting, don’t just read book – practice accounting. Moreover, if you want to understand God, try to practice godliness.

Always remember that before understanding, you must perform knowing first. Because by knowing, we can determine and judge what is right and wrong; what is good and bad; and what is beneficial and harmful. This is why we don’t practice evil, just to understand evil. Because we know that evil is wrong, bad and harmful. But we try to practice God and love, and seek their understanding – because we know that they are right, good, and eternally beneficial.

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