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This is actually an update on my previous post entitled “the best personal development blog in the Philippines”, which I’ve written on October of 2010 when the site was just 3-month old. This blog is almost 6-month old now, so it means that another quarter of the year has passed and I ought to publish an update. So here are the “what’s new” for our humble personal and spiritual development blog:

The design
Just a few days ago, I decided to change the theme and design of this blog to become a minimalist style. I wanted my readers and visitors to feel comfort in reading and browsing this site. I want them to have focus on the things that are only of importance. Though, some clean ads shall remain to support this site to go on. Just like the favorite TV shows we enjoy, we enjoy them for free because of commercials. The only difference is that this site is more conservative than those media. Moreover, asking for donation to support this site is not in my vocabulary. So I’ll stick in never burdening anyone. What important is that my blog still looks clean, simple and comfortable to read. Furthermore, it makes me happier to bring this comfort to our readers.

Statistics (As of 10/25/10 vs. 1/17/11)
Posts: 133 vs. 156 posts. I have only written 23 articles in almost 3 months
Reason: I decided to write longer posts which are packed with more useful information and explanation. The decline in my posting frequency is also due to my other projects, such as building my professional website BusinessBuildup.com. This site is a portal of my business consultancy services. It is also my way of helping small and medium entrepreneurs achieve greater success with lesser costs.

Traffic: 50 vs. 100 unique visitors a day. Visitors have increased despite of decrease in posting frequency.
Reason: The blog’s articles are already indexed higher in Google search results pages. This means that the site is already receiving organic traffic from search engines. Even though I haven’t published more articles for the last 3 months, the site’s traffic is naturally increasing. Thank God, our labor is already starting to bear fruits!

Income / earnings
I have removed all the third-party ads in exchange for a soothing design for our valued readers. Hence, financial profit is insignificant.

Top 10 most visited articles
The following are the top ten most read articles as of the date of this post:

1. 12 Signs that Your Partner Really Loves You -432 reads (previously no. 6)
2. 50 Powerful Personal Development Tips to Develop Yourself – 308 reads (new)
3. How to be a Loving Husband – 258 reads (previously no. 1)
4. How to Purify Your Soul in 5 Steps – 254 reads (new)
5. The Secret to Find a True Lover – 213 reads (new)
6. 10 Reasons to not be Afraid of Ghosts – 201 reads (new)
7. How to Know a Person? 195 reads (previously no. 2)
8. How to Gain Your Employees’ Trust in 12 Ways – 176 reads (previously no. 5)
9. How to Change Your Bad Attitudes into Good Ones? – 167 reads (previously no. 3)
10. How to Break and Change Your Bad Habits – 156 reads (previously no. 7)

Most of the articles above have increased readers due to their good position in Google search engine results for their corresponding keywords. The numbers are still small compare to other already popular and established blogs out there. However, I want to put up exciting facts that I will be expecting in the future. What will happen after a year? What would be my statistics? How exciting, isn’t it?

As a personal and spiritual development blogger, it’s my constant service and goal to write information that supply people with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and insight they need to develop their selves and their abilities to provide growth to others. I’ve seen it now in my mind, heart and soul, and I want to see it in my eyes in the near future that this blog, the blogger and all its readers become manifestations of  true personal and spiritual development. I will continuously update this site to track its progress. Let this be a call to also track your personal progress.

To conclude this post for today, I leave you with the following short tips, verse, quotes and sayings about spirituality:

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. – Hebrews 4:12 (NIV)

”Spiritual development is developing yourself until it become selfless.”

“You will only see Heaven, if you are not under the Earth.”

“The more you understand Physics, the more you will understand Metaphysics.”

“Spirituality is more than personal; it involves a lot of persons who become one.”

“Religion is not a name of a group; it is an act of a group. Anyone who is not doing his religion is definitely out from that group.”

“Spiritual growth: your spirit is full grown when you were born; it just faded when you become impure.”

Thank you and always have a great life!

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