How to Become Spiritual in Four Steps

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How to become spiritual? Living in spirit has many eternal benefits. One who is a truly spiritual person lives in love, joy, peace, self-control, gentleness and contentment. This person keeps away from earthly things, such as lust, greed, pride, wickedness, selfishness and envy. Being spiritual can give you a fulfilled life on Earth, as well as glorified existence for eternity. The following are four fundamental steps to awaken the spirit within you. … Discover more…

How to Know the Secret Things of God?

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How to know the secret things of God, such as His will and plans for us? If you are seeking for true love, joy, peacefulness, wisdom, contentment and thankfulness, then knowing God’s hidden things will greatly benefit you. This is because if God has the power to create the Earth and the Universe, He can also have the power to simply make you happy. To uncover the secret things of God, the following steps will guide you: … Discover more…

The Secret of the Heart

What is the secret of the heart?
When we need to make tough decisions,
is it really right to follow our hearts?
To answer that question, let’s first stop, read and listen.

We shouldn’t just do what our hearts are saying.
We must first have a clear thinking.
We must first seek for deep understanding.
Let’s first ask ourselves if we will be doing the right thing … Discover more…

Monuments of great soldiers

How to become great? What is the secret to greatness?  When we say something that is secret, it is something that most people don’t know. Since there are only few great persons in this world, as rare as one person in every hundred thousand individuals, then being great is really a hidden knowledge unknown to many people. Great people just not do great things; they also do these great things with consistence. So if you want to be great, you need to constantly do the greatest things which the majority of people can’t do. But what are these things? Actually, they are not secret things for we always heard them in almost every places of the Earth. We always heard and read about … Discover more…