Why Knowledge and Wisdom are not enough

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Being both knowledgeable and wise is one great achievement every man wishes for. Of course we can’t deny the fact that knowledge alone is power, while wisdom is the ability to make that power accurate. Hence, the combination of knowledge and wisdom within a person forms a superb capability that every human might achieve. But what if I tell you that knowledge, wisdom, or the fusion of the two is not enough to help you succeed in life and in all your great goals? … Discover more…

How to Know a Person?

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How to really know a person?
How to recognize someone completely?
To truly know someone,
you need to follow him.
You need to watch what he sees,
listen to what he hears,
experience what he feels,
and understand what he … Discover more…

Happy and contented child

What is the secret of contentment? Rich or poor, hungry or full, lacking or abundant, and ugly or beautiful… a person still suffers from discontentment. It seems that people never become satisfied in life at all. Isn’t it possible for a man to become contented during his lifetime? Of course it is possible for a man to become contented, happy and fulfilled during his days on Earth. The secret to that lies on our … Discover more…

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What is the secret in becoming a fast learner? How to learn your studies quickly? The answer is the right combination of knowing, understanding and getting insight. To know, you need to read; to understand you need to practice; and to get insight, you need to reflect. To learn fast, you should not put all your time in reading or listening, but should also spend time on practicing and reflecting. Reading and listening is copying knowledge from other person. It is the easiest but not the fastest way to learn. Practicing is experiencing knowledge. It is harder than reading but is a faster way of … Discover more…