How to Become a Powerful Person

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How to become a powerful person? What is the secret to becoming a powerful man or a woman? Power, whether it is physical, personal, financial, mental, emotional or spiritual, we need it to achieve what we desire. Most people abuse it, while others have found their sense of responsibility by using it. It’s like water, you can drink it or you can share it. You can also purify it or … Discover more…

How to Find God?

How to find God? How can we see God? Let us seek for answers and enlightenment on those questions. Finding our Creator, often, is a very difficult task. This is because we are dealing with an almighty spiritual being – someone who is not usually seen by our naked eyes. Some people (some scientists, naturalists and physicists) don’t believe what they don’t see. It’s okay; I also don’t believe what I don’t see. I believe in God because I see God. But I do not only use my biological eyes to see God, I also use my metaphysical and spiritual eyes to see Him. If you want to fully understand what I am saying, I’ve written a short poem – a brief writing that answers how to find and see God. … Discover more…

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Previously, we have discussed how peace will help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution. This time, we will talk about the importance of having and using your power to attain what you wish for this hopeful year. Power can be physical, personal or spiritual. In Physics, it is the rate at which work is performed or energy is converted. In humans, it is the rate of work we mentally, emotionally and personally perform. In spiritual sense, power is the rate of work performed by your spiritual things, such as love, kindness and humility. Power is a very significant factor in reaching our expectations because it prevents us from making our assets and resources futile. Furthermore, power is the one that keeps us moving and going towards our every targeted destination. Now that you already have an idea what power is, let’s start realizing our great desires for this brand new year. … Discover more…

The Secret of Power

What is the secret of power?
What is power anyway?
In Physics, it is the rate at which work is performed,
or the average amount of energy converted per unit of time.

In Finance, it is the ability to buy goods or services.
In Politics, … Discover more…