How to Trust Someone Truly

Trusting someone

How to trust someone? How to have confidence with a person? Is trusting an easy job or it is just an impossible task in this world full of lies and deceit? Love is always trusting. So if we really love somebody, we need to trust him. But oh! Here is the reality: it’s really hard to trust realistically. Admit it! You cannot just trust a guy or a girl even though you have known him or her for a long time. Can we just utter the words “I trust in you” then magically say to ourselves we are already trusting? Substantially, it’s not how to trust a person. … Discover more…

How to Believe in Someone?

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How to believe in someone? How to believe a person who is close to your heart? How can you believe your wife or husband, parents, children, friends, leaders, teacher, manager, teammates, and even yourself? The answer is by justification. People always say that to see is to believe, but only few of them actually open their eyes. Nonbelievers are not to blame for not believing, but they are to be blamed for being lazy to do the things that are necessary for believing. In other words, believing needs a lot of patience and work to do it in a right manner. It is not just a matter of saying “I believe”, but it … Discover more…

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What is the secret of freedom?
Why do people want to have it?
Can we really become free?
Does absolute freedom exist?

There is something we should know about freedom.
We can be free, but not absolutely free. … Discover more…

Loving Couple

The secret of loving is that it should not be a secret; it should be rejoiced truthfully.
It is not unconditional; it is conditioned to keep you on loving.
It is not absolutely free; it serves its masters kindness and righteousness.
It is not without a limit; it is placed in the right position. … Discover more…