Why Knowledge and Wisdom are not enough

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Being both knowledgeable and wise is one great achievement every man wishes for. Of course we can’t deny the fact that knowledge alone is power, while wisdom is the ability to make that power accurate. Hence, the combination of knowledge and wisdom within a person forms a superb capability that every human might achieve. But what if I tell you that knowledge, wisdom, or the fusion of the two is not enough to help you succeed in life and in all your great goals? … Discover more…

How to Know a Person?

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How to really know a person?
How to recognize someone completely?
To truly know someone,
you need to follow him.
You need to watch what he sees,
listen to what he hears,
experience what he feels,
and understand what he … Discover more…

Shadow of a thinking man

How to change your values? Do we really need to change them? Our personal values are responsible for our immediate personal and ethical actions. A value cannot be considered a value if not valued or given a significant importance. This is the reason why it has the power to initiate one’s actions. A person’s value goes with his understanding, as the latter is the deep realization of his acquired knowledge and wisdom. Values are more powerful than human principles and attitudes when it comes to practice. This is because … Discover more…

What’s the secret to stop or end bad addictions? How to get rid of common addictions such as of alcohol in beers and wines, nicotine in cigarette smoking, and caffeine in coffee and soda? Addiction can be destructive to anyone, especially when it involves abusive use and practice of things that are contrary to a healthy, productive and moral life. Any person can also become dependence not only of substance such as nicotine and caffeine. He or she can also become an addict of activities such as gambling, gaming, and even sex. Being so much dependent on something is critical because it causes someone to become a slave of that craze. Alas, many human beings in this planet don’t realize that. … Discover more…