The 10 Secrets of True Love

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What is the secret of true love? What are the secrets people must know about love and loving? Love is a wonderful thing indeed. It can bring tears of joy to your eyes and it can make your spirit lift up. In philosophy, love is a great virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection. In spirituality, love is even the basis for all existence as it is the foundation of all divine laws and commandments. Love is a common thing everyone talked about. Unfortunately, true love seems to be one of the scarcest virtues we can find in people on Earth. That is why, it is just very important to know the following 10 secrets of true love people must discover before they have fallen out of love:

1. Love your neighbors as you love yourself.
What’s the secret behind that line? You should learn to love yourself so that you can be able to love others. One cannot be honest, caring, kind and patient to someone if he can’t even practice those virtues to his self. To truly love others, we need to truly love ourselves. So don’t hurt yourself, just to show how much you love someone – it’s ridiculous. Instead, control yourself, be gentle, be peaceful, be strong and be healthy to prove that true love exists within you.

2. Love binds all good virtues in perfect unity
What’s the forgotten thing? A person who truly loves becomes a person of all good virtues. This means if you say “I truly love you” to someone, but you are impatient and arrogant, then you are lying. You may be having a weak love that cannot tie and unite those good virtues of yours.

3. Love is not totally blind
What is not realized by most people? Love may ignore physical defects of a person, but it should not disregard the spiritual defects of a person. Love is knowing. You may become blind of people’s physical deficiencies, but you should not be blind of people’s spiritual impurities. If you happen to love a bad person, you should try your best to change the quality of that person for good. You must not let his cruel personality corrupt your good character or else your total blindness will push you to great disasters, or even drag you to hell. Love never eventually become disastrous, instead it becomes prosperous.

4. Love is spiritual
What we don’t know about it? Love is spiritual – a heavenly thing. One, who truly loves, must believe in love. To believe in love, which is a spiritual thing, one must be spiritual. Hence, material and earthly things such as money, cars, and mansions are not the major priorities of the one who truly love.

5. Love is greater than hope and faith
What’s the hidden point? Hope is constant believing – it’s hard to do. Faith is justifying and standing what you have believed in – this is even harder. How much more is love since it is greater than these two? Therefore, love is a difficult thing that needs long patience, undying kindness, constant practicing and continuing adherence to the truth and righteousness. A man, who cannot hope and cannot be faithful, is far away from having the capability to love.

6. Love stands in good roots and bear good fruits
What can be found deeper? Love is love from the root unto its fruits. It originates from good things and will bear good things. This is contrary to vengeance, which is rooted from hatred and bears another hatred. A man who has true love derives his deeds from love and finishes it to love. This is why he even loves his enemy, because he wanted to replace cruelty with kindness. He doesn’t overcome evil by another evil. Instead, he prevail evil by goodness.

7. Loving is not only done by mouth, mind and heart
So what else? It must also be done through our hands, strength and life. In other words, we must work out our love. Then, we must work it out with all our might. Finally, we must not just love for a while. Instead, we must spend our lifetime in loving – that’s living in love.

8. True love banishes fear
How true it is? True love is undeniable, and therefore acceptable. It is clear and bright, hence, it throws away darkness. It is gentle and tender, and so it eradicates torments. It is strong and powerful, thus, it withstands all the hardships and trials. All of these tell that we should not be afraid to love, as long as it is true love.

9. Love is a choice we always have
What’s with the choice? Love is more given than received. It’s is more on listening rather than asking. It is more a creation rather than an expectation. It is more a momentum rather than a friction. Love is a choice and we always have it. This choice never loses within us. It’s only that we forget it and don’t use it… when making this choice becomes difficult.

10. Love is the greatest thing to do
What’s the big deal? All the divine laws are based on love. The greatest commandments are to love. If it’s the greatest thing to do, then let us do it NOW!

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