The Best Health Secret

What is the best health secret? What is the best medicine to sickness, the best tip to beauty, and the greatest way to have a strong and healthy body? Since the discovery of microorganisms in the 17th century through the help of early microscopes, people have already started to understand that bacteria, fungi, viruses and other organisms not seen by our naked eyes are the major causes of human diseases. Since then, we have developed medicines that fight and protect us from these illness-causing microorganisms. Also, biotechnology has led in the development of antibiotics which are used to treat bacterial infections in humans. Moreover, nanomedicine (the application of nanotechnology in medicine), promises more advanced applications in the pharmaceutical industry that may include more effective and efficient drug delivery systems, therapies and experimentations. However, all of these medical breakthroughs are still far away from bringing the human race a completely healthy living.

As our medical technology progress, we can observe that the flow of its effectiveness rises as we go into the tiniest particles in existence. I am talking about humans discovering from microorganisms to matters on an atomic or molecular scales. Nanotech is the study of controlling matter in a nanometric length. One nanometer (nm) is one billionth, or 10 -9 of a meter. It’s like comparing a marble to our planet Earth! Now, the question is this – is this technology enough to discover the best health secret out there? Are the most effective secrets to a healthier life found on the elements seen in an atomic scale? I have a bad news and a good news. The bad news is… we cannot see the greatest health secrets through our naked eyes or by using atomic or nano-microscopes. The good news is… the best health secret is not actually unknowable. In fact, it already exists since the ancient times. It is not only understood and practiced by most people. It is a forgotten truth that the world ignores.

The best health secrets are not observable at nano scale, but by a scale of zero. This means the greatest health secrets are recognizable not by our physical senses, but by our intellectual, emotional and spiritual senses. They are the ways of our minds, the attitudes of our hearts, and the principles of our spirits. The best health secret doesn’t only prevent a particular illness, cure a certain disease, strengthen a portion of your body, nor beautify only your face. Rather, it gives you a totally healthy and beautiful personality. The best health secret is love. It is the love of yourself. It is the love of the One who gave you yourself. It is the love you have for others who need yourself. Love binds all the virtues you need to have a healthy life. Love unites your self-control, patience, calmness, diligence, prudence and wisdom to work as one towards your healthy body and personality. It is the power of love that protects you from any diseases. It is the strength of love that keeps you moving to lose excess fats and build muscles. It is the gentleness of love that gives you a fresher look. It is the joy of love that keeps you away from stress. It is the peacefulness of love that gives you good night’s sleeps. The forgotten law of love is the best secret to a healthy life.

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