The Secret and Meaning of Grace

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What is the meaning of grace? Grace is a gratuitous reward we received from people and God. It is given to us even though we don’t deserve it. Grace is more than a blessing, as the latter is earned by doing good deeds to warrant it. Grace is the equivalent of forgiveness – the waiving of a deserving punishment. If you are a worker who earns $20 an hour, worked for 8 hours, and received $160 – then that’s a blessing. If however your boss has given you $200, then the $40 is a grace amount. On the contrary, if you have only worked for 7 hours because of tardiness and your salary has been deducted to only amount $140 – then the $20 deduction is a punishment. But if however your boss has still given you $160 despite of your delay, then the $20 is an amount of forgiveness (or grace). Usually, bosses can only give such amount of grace if they are abundant of love, humility and money. A person can hardly become generous if he doesn’t have love in his heart. Likewise, he cannot forgive a person, if he is proud and not humble.

What is the secret behind grace? The secret and true meaning of grace is love and humility. God gives grace and forgiveness because of his abundance of those two qualities. A person, who is proud, can hardly accept grace, for it requires humility to accept something you are not deserving of. This is why God gives grace to the humble – because He doesn’t want to put grace in vain. Thus, we still need to have good deeds to have grace. We still need to be humble and loving to possess grace. How can we have something we do not accept? Does an employer give bonus to a lazy employee? Finally, after we have received grace, we must also hold unto it. Therefore, we must always stay in love and humility. This is the essence of grace.

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