The Secret in Becoming a Fast Learner

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What is the secret in becoming a fast learner? How to learn your studies quickly? The answer is the right combination of knowing, understanding and getting insight. To know, you need to read; to understand you need to practice; and to get insight, you need to reflect. To learn fast, you should not put all your time in reading or listening, but should also spend time on practicing and reflecting. Reading and listening is copying knowledge from other person. It is the easiest but not the fastest way to learn. Practicing is experiencing knowledge. It is harder than reading but is a faster way of learning. Moreover, reflection is enlightening knowledge. It is the most mysterious yet the fastest way of learning. This is because reflection does not require longer time like what we spend in reading and practicing.

Now to make things clearer, consider the following example. Imagine you are about to build a house. Accordingly, you acquire raw materials: wood, concrete, nails, paint, et cetera. After purchasing raw materials, you work and sweat to build that house. With your materials and labor you have built your house. The reason and purpose why you build that house is to have your family a home. Now, in that example, the raw materials are your reading and listening activities. You acquire raw knowledge and wisdom when you read and listen. Secondly, your labor is your experience and practice. You understand knowledge and wisdom when you practice them. Thirdly, your reason and purpose is your insight. The building of your house becomes important when you have a purpose.

This is the secret in becoming a fast learner – read and listen what you need, practice to understand, and have a sense of purpose and importance to get the direct path. If you will only acquire materials without laboring, you can’t build a house. Likewise, if you only labor without materials, you can’t also build a house. And even if you have built a house, without a sense of purpose, you can’t hold it right. Reflection is the process of finding yourself, asking who you are, determining your purpose, and understanding your reason and meaning of life. Remember that reflection isn’t like reading and practicing which require several hours of your life.

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