The Secret of a Successful Blog

Blogger's Secret

What is the secret of a successful blog? Since this blog is just a 2-month old weblog, I am doing free search engine optimization (SEO) by visiting the most prominent and profitable blogs in the blogosphere and commenting on them to get some extra link juice. But getting backlinks for my blog is not really the most enjoying part of visiting those top blogs out there. The interesting part is picking a bunch of wisdom and learning from them. Reflecting on those blogs and bloggers is such a very inspiring and encouraging activity I can get for free (though not free in terms of the cost of time). But the benefits are just awesome. Spending a few hours reading on their stories can give me lifetime success.

So here is the insight I got from those bloggers who attract millions of visitors a month and earn millions of dollars a year in net profit (some of them in a month!). We need to find their essence and meaning of blogging. What is meant by 20 or more posts per day (see Perez Hilton’s blog)? Isn’t it hard work? What is meant by 20 posts per day in a year? Isn’t it consistency? What is meant by blogging for 5 years? Isn’t it patience? What is meant by million unique readers? Isn’t it being unique and organic? What is meant by returning and loyal visitors? Isn’t it trust and reliability? What is meant by numerous appropriate comments? Isn’t it being interesting? What is meant by having premium template, powerful plug-ins and effective blogging tools? Isn’t it investing? Finally, what is meant by high lead and profit? Isn’t it relevance and usefulness? I hope you learn something in this short article.

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