The Secret of Everything

stars in the Universe

The secret of everything,
How can we know it?
How can we answer that question,
If we don’t know everything?

To know everything,
We must see everything.
But not everything is seen by eyes,
Many things are also seen by heart and mind.

So let’s open our minds and hearts,
Let’s also include opening our souls and spirits
So that we can see and understand everything,
and find the secret to everything

The secret of everything is one that is in everything
It is found in all the things.
If it’s not found in all the things,
It’s not the secret of everything.

So what’s the secret of everything?
Is it the stars, quasars, galaxies or the Universe?
Or is it the Earth, the mountains, skies, oceans and the seas?
They are not, because they aren’t found in everything.

How about the trees, the plants and the flowers?
How about the cats, birds, fish and insects?
How about the humans?
They are not, because they aren’t found in everything.

A tree is not found in a cat,
A bird is not found inside a man,
A man is not found inside a flower,
The secret must be found inside everything.

How about blood, tissues, cells, genes or DNAs?
But they are not found in rocks and diamonds.
How about elements and molecules?
But elements and molecules aren’t found inside an atom.

Atoms are found in every physical thing we see in the Universe.
The sun, moon, Earth, animals, plants and humans are all composed of atoms.
However, atoms are still not found inside protons, neutrons and electrons.
Hence, atom is still not the secret of everything.

How about protons, neutrons or electrons?
But protons and neutrons are not found inside quarks,
Electrons are distinct from any flavors of quarks.
And any elementary particle of matters can’t occupy a single point with another.

The secret seems to be not found in all matters.
How about the elementary particles of forces, such as bosons?
Bosons, such as photons and gravitons can occupy a single point with another,
But a photon or graviton is still distinct from each other.

What’s inside of everything?
What’s hidden inside all matters, forces and energy?
Is everything has a word in it? Even a letter is a word.
Is the secret of everything the understanding of the Word?

Let’s continue our journey from the quantum realm to the spiritual world.

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