The Secret of Freedom

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What is the secret of freedom?
Why do people want to have it?
Can we really become free?
Does absolute freedom exist?

There is something we should know about freedom.
We can be free, but not absolutely free.
When you are free from someone, you’re a slave of solitude.
When you are free from selfishness, you’re a slave of selflessness.

Freedom can be good or bad.
It can be beneficial or destructive.
Slavery can also be right or wrong.
It can be useful or hurtful.

Freedom and slavery are opposite.
But they can meet in a halfway.
If you’re free from evil, you’re a slave of righteousness.
If you’re free from righteousness, you’re a slave of evil.

We should not concentrate on finding freedom.
Instead, let’s focus on serving the right ones.
If we serve the right ones, we can be free from the wrong ones.
Just like serving humility, we become free from arrogance.

The proud seeks for absolute freedom,
But the humble finds pure wisdom.
The weak asks too much power,
But the strong share his power.

We should not break all limitations,
for some of them exist to place us in the right positions.
What will happen if elephants will fly?
What will happen if blue whales will run on the streets?

What will happen if ants will grow as big as trees?
What will happen if the oceans climb the mountains?
What will happen if our planet goes nearer to the sun?
What will happen if your brain is outside of your skull?

The secret of freedom doesn’t found on freedom or slavery.
It is found on wisdom and righteousness.
The secret lies on choosing between right and wrong.
It lies on serving good or evil.

I do not dream of absolute freedom.
For it only brings weakness and imperfection.
Even God is a slave of love and truth.
And that what makes Him perfect and powerful.

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