The Secret of Loving: Hidden Truth about Love

Loving Couple

The secret of loving is that it should not be a secret; it should be rejoiced truthfully.
It is not unconditional; it is conditioned to keep you on loving.
It is not absolutely free; it serves its masters kindness and righteousness.
It is not without a limit; it is placed in the right position.

It is not only receiving, but also giving.
It is not only giving, but also giving the best.
It is not only finding, but also preparing yourself.
It is not only living, but also bearing fruits.

It is not only trusting, but also being trustworthy.
It is not only believing, but also justifying.
It is not only knowing, but also conforming.
It is not only holding, but also nurturing.

It is not only watching, but also ensuring.
It is not only talking, but also listening.
It is not only listening, but also acting.
It is not only acting, but also acting with full strength.

It’s not only thought in the mind, but also felt in the heart.
It’s not only felt in the heart, but also dwelt in our soul.
It is not only hoping, but also abiding.
It is not only having faith, but also having a testimony.

It’s not only giving care, but also taking care of yourself.
It’s not only for the one you love, but also for the both of you.
It’s not only learning, but also teaching.
It’s not only understanding, but also appropriating.

It’s not only building, but also completing.
It is not only completing, but also perfecting.
It’s not only a lifetime, but also forever.
It’s not only for humans, but also for Gods.

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