The Secret of Patience: How to Be Patient?

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What it the secret to having patience? How can we become patient? Patience is a virtue… a very difficult virtue. It is one of the way to any success and also a key to happiness. Works need it, faith requires it, and love includes it. It is one important value to keep a relationship alive, to preserve hope, and even to stay alive. Patience promotes our self control and discipline. It also helps us to become resistant of anger and lying. How good is such a virtue! We must do our best to possess it and make it a part of our lives.

A patient person does not only easily get angered, but also does not easily give up. Patience is found in love. Without patience, a person cannot be in love. Patience is not only a virtue, but also a power. Without it, one cannot be strong and have a good life. Patience is light. With it, we can have understanding, gentleness and peacefulness.

Now, how can we become patient? We become impatient when we are already fully contaminated with the world’s negative energies such as hatred, vengeance and wickedness. These destructive forces are like the floating air that waits for their victims. When they land to us, they attack our good characters – our personal defenses. When our defenses weaken because of the prolonged assault, we become impatient – we cannot produce any patience anymore. To stay patient all the time and be abundant of patience, we must have the power of regeneration. This means we should renew our lives each day. We should forgive our trespasses every day. We should always extinguish the hatred before the end of the day. We shall do these things so that we will always have a new and fresh personality when we wake up each morning of all the days. The secret of patience is regeneration.

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