The Secret of Power

What is the secret of power?
What is power anyway?
In Physics, it is the rate at which work is performed,
or the average amount of energy converted per unit of time.

In Finance, it is the ability to buy goods or services.
In Politics, it is the power to administer public resources.
In Philosophy, it is the ability to control the environment.
These kinds of power are the common target of many people.

But they often forgot one kind of power,
a power which can surpass all of them.
This is a power that is not measured by space and time.
This is a power that is infinite and eternal.

This is called spiritual power.
This is the kind of powers that anyone can have,
whether they are poor or rich,
and whether they are young or old.

Not everyone has money or is old.
Not everyone is elected or called.
But everyone has the powers of good spirits,
which overcome the power of this world.

Evil has also the spiritual powers,
such as the power of lies and deceit.
They can also manipulate the earthly things,
but the heavenly powers overthrow them.

Love is greater than money.
Conscience is better than experience.
Honor is lasting than fame.
Truth is brighter than deception.

Humility is stronger than pride.
Diligence is more productive than indolence.
Discipline is harder than freedom.
Faith is more comforting than doubt.

The secret of true power is that…
it is not an ability, rather it is a purity.
It is not a rate, but an immeasurability.
It is not a quantity, instead it is a harmony.

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