The Secret of the Heart

What is the secret of the heart?
When we need to make tough decisions,
is it really right to follow our hearts?
To answer that question, let’s first stop, read and listen.

We shouldn’t just do what our hearts are saying.
We must first have a clear thinking.
We must first seek for deep understanding.
Let’s first ask ourselves if we will be doing the right thing.

The heart is a shelter.
Love can live on it;
evil can also reside on it.
We are not sure who’s controlling it.

What if hatred is living in your heart?
What if envy is invading it?
What if pride conquers it?
Will you follow your heart?

This is why we don’t just tell anyone to follow his heart,
Instead we tell him to correct his heart first,
and advise to purify it first.
If your heart is righteous now, then it’s time to follow it.

The secret of the heart lies on what resides in it.
Hence, if we need to make our lives better,
We should open our heart first.
Let us look who’s living inside it.

Have you accepted God when He wants to enter in your heart?
Or have you treated Him as a stranger and rejected Him?
What if it’s darkness that has successfully went inside your heart?
Isn’t it the devil who stole your heart?

If you become kind, peaceful, humble and patient,
I know you have let the love live in your heart.
You have opened your heart for God.
You can now follow your heart.

But it you become rude, wrathful, proud and deceitful,
the devil has captured your heart.
You have been enticed and tempted,
and it’s very dangerous to follow the heart you have.

Now that you have read this, will you still follow the heart?
Why not instead follow God and love?
So that if they’re missing, you can go where it is found.
Even if it means finding them outside of your heart.

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