The Secret to Achieve Freedom

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What is the secret to achieve freedom? The truth is – we are all free and at the same time slaves. There is no absolute freedom – the freedom to do everything and achieve everything. The only thing we can do is to choose between becoming a slave of good or a slave of evil? We need to choose between becoming free from sins and becoming free from righteousness. If we will not make a choice, we can also become a slave of no direction and slave of no sense. Therefore there are two kinds of freedom and two kinds of slavery. There can be a good freedom and a bad freedom. Likewise, there is also a good slavery and a bad slavery. Good freedom is the same with good slavery. While bad freedom is the same with bad slavery.

The choice is yours to make. If you want to have a good and an ordered life, you need to choose to be a slave of kindness and righteousness – that is also to be free from sins and evil. You need to choose to be a slave of God – who is just and full of grace. God is a God of love and truth. Hence, making Him as a master ensures happiness and promises that are not broken. Moreover God is also a great and humble servant leader to all His people.

On the other hand, choosing a life without law and order is choosing to become a slave of darkness and evil.  Being free to do everything and achieve everything is the same with being a slave of disorder and a slave of undisciplined. Choosing to be free to commit sins is becoming a slave of sins and evil. Evil is a liar and deceiver. Therefore, being a slave of the devil leads you to death and destruction.

So choose a good freedom (free from sins)…and choose a good slavery (a servant of righteousness). These two harmonize each other.

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