The Secret to Achieve Your Dream

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So what’s the secret to achieve your dream? The secret to achieve your dream is to stop from dreaming and start desiring. You dream when you’re asleep, you dream when you’re half awake, and you dream when you’re pretty far away from reality. The dream of an awakened man is on his brain. When we dream something, we don’t stop dreaming until we get near to that thing. On the other hand, desiring is willing, and the desire of a man is in his heart. When we desire a thing, we don’t stop doing something until we get that thing.

The brain and the mind are the originators, but it is the heart that moves the hands of a person. The hands execute what the heart desires. Therefore, to achieve a dream, you need to put an end to that dream by transforming it to a desire. Then, that desire must become a job that the hands should be working now. This desire should become a goal, which is plotted by effective and efficient procedures. Then these procedures should now be ready to execute and be done. If you dream of a car, stop dreaming that car. Make it a desire. Place it at the center of your self – your heart. Then your hands must be doing something now to drive that car.

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